About Us

Avidity Training Limited  operates in a variety of sectors across various customer sites in England, delivering a range of workforce development solutions based upon a strong set of core values, beliefs and behaviours.



Our Vision                                                                                               

*    To inspire the productivity and growth of businesses and people through the highest-quality, most innovative training services.

Our Mission

*     To consistently and increasingly improve the performance of business via the delivery of innovative, highest-quality skills training.

*     To consistently and increasingly improve the lives of learners by effectively equipping them with skills that are valued by employers.

*     To provide our employees with an extraordinary place to work and grow.

 Our Values                                                              

*     Integrity – honesty, quality, transparency, ethical behaviour, striving for excellence

*     Efficiency – continuous improvement, productivity, increasing value, creativity

*     Leadership – positivity, innovation, accountability, resilience, learning