CV Tips


Writing your CV can be tricky, especially if you have never written one before, but we have some great tips to make sure that your CV works for you and makes you stand out from the crowd. Below are the sections that should be included in your CV and what you need to include in each section:


Personal Information

First things first, and the first thing you need on your CV is your personal information. Be sure to include: Your full name, address, phone number (or two!) and email address. If you drive and have a car, you can mention this here too.


Personal Profile

This is crucial as it is your chance to shine and tell a prospective employer what makes you great! Mention any skills you have that apply to the role and put in details about the kind of person you are. If you are creative, hardworking, a natural at customer service or very organised, mention it here and show people what you are made of! Keep it short and sweet if possible, try not to use more than 100 words in this section.


Key Skills and Achievements

This is where you can put specific examples of what you have achieved and how they have benefitted either yourself or a company in the past. The skills and achievements can be academic (GCSEs, NVQs, BTECs, Diplomas etc.) or personal to you. If you have excelled in a hobby or interest? Mention it here. Include dates next to these achievements where possible. You can use about half a page on this section if you want to.


Work Experience

Here you will need to put details of any work experience you have, paid or voluntary. You should put your most recent experience first and work back from there. Be sure to put the company name and start and end dates. Then you can put a brief description of what you did in this role. Use bullet points if you like. If you have any gaps in your CV (if you have been unwell or unemployed for a long period of time) put these in as well so that there are no period of time unaccounted for. If you have just left school and have no work experience don’t worry, you can still put information here about what you are doing to find work, and what kind of work you are looking for.


Education and Qualifications

This section will need to show what qualifications you have. Don’t worry if you aren’t an academic ace, just make sure you put the school/college name, dates you studied and the grades you gained. Put the most recent qualification first, just like with your work history.


Other Relevant Skills and Interests

If you are great at ICT or have done any other training just mention it here. You can also mention any interests or hobbies you have, especially if they are a little different. Just keep this section brief and only a couple of lines long.



In an ideal world you will have two references from past work experience. However, if you have a tutor or mentor from your recent education you can put their details here. Just make sure you ask them first and they are happy to be contacted.