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Apprenticeships are a great way to start and develop your career. As an Apprentice you are employed from day one, in which you earn an apprenticeship wage and have a contract of employment. You will work alongside experienced people to gain skills and knowledge within the specific field. Real apprenticeships include skills, knowledge & understanding which stretch and develop your talent and personality.

The companies commit to working through the programme with you and Avidity Training Limited. Yes, starting pay may seem low but it follows the government guidance. We at Avidity Training Limited consistently encourage employers to reach the apprenticeship average as soon as possible and where possible at the start.

Our learning and skills consultants really do support you through the programme from start to finish.

If you are already in work and are eligible for an apprenticeship, then we can speak to your employers and sign you up. There are lots of eligibility criteria to explore so it’s best to contact us for the latest information, e.g. size of employers, what qualifications you already hold, employment status, where you live etc. etc.

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Breakdown of an Apprenticeship

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